january 10

poetry and work

i don't go
to a place called work

some things that i do 
are considered to be work

i give and receive different things
depending on what i am doing

i'm not always sure 
what is work
and what is not work

many people that
go to a place
to do things in exchange for money
call that place
and what they do there
they call

they say that they work 
eight hours a day
five days a week

this work 
is a large part of who they are
and what they call themselves
and how they look at the world

poetry is in the place that
might be called work
and in the things that we do that
might be called work

even if we don't consider
anything to be work
poetry is still there

image . byway of a polar bear's tale
words . by way of nance mdr


  1. Poetry is work
    when you live
    a poem

  2. The concept
    of work
    as accurate
    value of
    human worth
    was skewed
    circa 1500s
    All work
    is grace
    or it
    is not
    worthy work
    at all

  3. Am thinking work is a strange word. Pizza is work. ;')